She is currently abroad awaiting a final trial. No one knows if she ever will be able to return to her homeland. But her words on oppression and on the duty to the truth spread throughout the world. These are words that no one can silence. Her book is inscribed in the international library of grand and lasting dissident literature of the last century.– Aftonbladet

With a hard look and pregnant formulations that are sometimes reminiscent of other masculinity-revealing portrayals of conflict – Anna Politkovskaya’s Chechnya, Svetlana Alexievitch’s Soviet or Anabel Hernández’s cocaine-bloody Mexico – she sends her letters to the world about today’s Turkish tragedy, undoubtedly one of the most important course. – Göteborgs-Posten

She writes both furiously and poetically, she expresses herself through fables, she creates strong images, but poetry is by no means separated from rage, it is a part of it. … But she certainly convinces her European readers that the EU should not be horse-trading with Erdogan. – Norrköpings-Tidningar

When Erdogan is at the center of events, her language is most inexorable. There is no doubt that she will be seen as one of Europe’s most influential writers. – Svenska Dagbladet


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