Prizes, Merits

1- Yunus Nadi Prize-1990 with her short story, “The Final Farewell Note”

2- Deutsche Welle Prize-1997 with her short story “The Wooden Birds”

Deutsche Welle organized a literary competition every two years,each time a different language chosen. The sixth and the last was for Turkish. Twenty stories amongst 830 were chosen by the Turkish prejury to be translated for the international jury. Asli Erdogan won the major prize with her story “The Wooden Birds”, which was published as a book in German “Holzvögel” and Turkish by Deutsche Welle sponsoring.

3- Aslı Erdoğan was the youngest writer voted for “75 books of the 75 years of Republic”, with ‘The City in Crimson Cloak’, which was chosen among “the best novels of the last 25 years.” She was among the most successful female writers of 1996, the best writers of 97, again of 98, “99 people of 1999”,  nominated as “the writer of the next millenium” , and was chosen amongst the ten people ”who most influenced Turkish cultural scene in the last decade” in 2005.

4- “The BOOK of the YEAR” -2005 with her book “In the Silence of Life,” Dünya Press Awards.

“50 WRITERS of FUTURE” by French literary Magazine LIRE

5- Chosen amongst the “50 WRITERS of FUTURE” by French literary Magazine LIRE, May 2005.

6- Shortlisted for Balkanika Prize with ”The Miracaleus Mandarin”, chosen amongst the seven books to represent the seven  languages spoken in the Balkans, lost the prize because the nomination was from the French edition while the original was published in 1996.

7- ‘The Miracalous Mandarin’ was chosen amongst the books of the year in Sweden in 2008

8- SAİT FAİK PRİZE  , 2010,the most prestigious literary prize for her latest book, ‘’TAŞ BİNA”

9- Shortlisted for the Balkanika Prize with ”The Stone Building”

10- ”Die Stadt mit der Roten Pelerine” received the best translation award from Turkish to German in 2010                

11- Aslı Erdoğan’s short story, “The Captive”, was chosen by the French jury to be turned into a film script in French, a competition was held and the winning scenario is made into a film.

12- Chosen to deliver the “Main Speech“ in Lillehammer Literary Festival in 2011

13- “City Writer of Zurich“ in 2012

14- “Ord e Grensen“ Prize in 2013, Norway – This prize was given fort he first time in 2013, in honor of 100th anniversary of Norwegian Womens right to vote, to a female writer internationally recognized but blacklisted in her own country.

15- Karl Tucholsky Prize (Sweden) in 2016

16- Bruno Kreisky Prize for Human Rights (Austria) in 2017

16- Theodor Heuss Medal  (Germany) in 2017

17- TTB Doctors Association Award (Diyarbakir) in 2017

18- Musa Anter Award (2017)

19- Ucan Supurge Thematic Award (given to a female artist) in 2017

Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize (Germany) in 2017

20- Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize (Germany) in 2017

21- European Cultural Foundation Award-Princess Margriet Award (the Netherlands) in 2017

22- Prize for Freedom and Future of Media (Germany) in 2017

23- Premio Adriatico Meditterraneo (Italy) in 2017

24- Premio Letterario Vincenzo Padula (Italy) in 2017

25- Prix de 20 ans de la Villa Marguerite Yourcenar (France) in 2017

26- Turkish Publishers Association award in 2017

27- Honorary member of Catalan, Belgian Danish and French PEN

28- Prix Simone de Beauvoir pour la Liberte des Femmes (France) in 2018

29- Medal of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres (France) in 2018

30- Writers Association Award (Norway) in 2019

31- Internatıonal Awards Trieste-Diritto di Dialogo (Italy), 2019

32- September 7th, declared as Day of Asli Erdogan in Pittsburgh

33- Finalist for PEN Translation Award in US with “The Stone Building“ 

34- Honoris Causa, Honorary Doctorat  in literature from Universite de Picardie  Jules Verne UPJV,2019

35- Vaclav Havel Library Award 2019

36 –  Opera : Die Entführung aus dem Serail “Opera of the year” by the prestigious German magazine Opernwelt, 2020