Kobane’ye bir koridor açalım / Çağrı

Kobane’ye bir koridor açalım. Tek başımıza, hiçbir kılığa bürünmemiş, tekil
bir vicdan olarak, sessizce Kobane’ye doğru yola çıkalım.

Dünya üzerinde ulaşabildiğim tüm adreslere yolladığım bu çağrının İngilizce metni ektedir. Bize, Türkiyelilere IŞİD’i anlatmaya gerek yok. Her gün öğreniyoruz. Türkiye’nin ve diger devletlerin iki yüzlülüklerini en iyi bilenlerdeniz. Tam içimize sızmış bu savaşı artık görmezlikten gelemeyiz, o biziçoktan gördü zaten!

Görüş ayrılıkları, siyasi, kişisel çatışmalar hiç bitmez, tek bir sözcük üzerinden yıllarca tartışabiliriz. Ama şimdi kuşatılmış durumdayız.
Türk—Kürt, Alevi—Sünni, İslamcı—laik gibi bize dayatılmış ayrımları, kurgulanan sınırları aşmadan, bir süreliğine olsa bile yan yana durmayı beceremeden kıramayız bu çemberi…
Kobane’ye bir koridor açalım. Tek başımıza, hiçbir kılığa bürünmemiş, tekil bir vicdan olarak Kobane’ye doğru, dikenli tellere, ağır silahlara, cellatlara doğru sessizce yürüyelim. Gerçek ya da temsili olarak, Kobane’ye doğru yola çıkalım.

ISIS, a mysterious group of Cihadists, masked executioners armed with the sword of Middle Ages and newest heavy weapons, has been killing, killing, killing endlessly for months. Christians, Ezidis, Alewites, Kurds and Turcmens as well as Arabs and Westerners… Anyone not ‘’Muslim’’ enough for their self referential Islam! Killing by burying alive, dismembering, beheading with dull knives… Most mercifully, beheading in front of cameras!! And raping women , enslaving and circumsizing them, selling as war trophy girls as young as 9 years old! And the whole world is watching silently, apart from murmuring a few sentences of horror and a few inefficient bombardments.
Europe can not decide who should be their best ally and guarentee the free flow of oil, only passing new regulations to protect themselves from millions of war refugees. US is at full speed ‘designing’ the new Middle East, which never seem to be well designed even after millions of dead. Turkey, with is hegemonic ambitions and Neo—Ottoman delusions, aand never ending discrimination against Kurds and Alewites, has been cooperating with armed Islamic groups. (We know, we see, for years, what is passing through our borders, but alas, proving is impossible given the current state Turkish press is reduced to.)
Now, Kobane, a Kurdish canton that has taken huge steps in self determination, democracy and living together, against all odds, ambargos, and this very handy Western belief that Easterners can not possibly demand and cultivate democracy, is fighting a war of survival, surrounded by ISIS from three sides anf Turkish tancs on the fourth.
Kurds on the Turkish side, lining up in the border in despair,some family members of those in Syria, are violently treated by the soldiers, while some of the wounded , not taken into Turkey, die in the border. Kurdish demonstrations to protest Turkish policy, has spread to several cities in Turkey, resulting in approximately 40 dead, 150 heavily wounded, hundreds under custody, and within 3 days, ended in over 3000 offices and 400 state buildings burned, 6 cities declaring temporary militial law. Most demonstators have been shot by real bullets, while 3 people were burned alive and some, including children, were killed by gas capsules. WAR FIRE has swept through Turkey…
This a call for human solidarity. LETS OPEN a human corridor to Kobane, let us help the city that is about to fall to ISIS executioners. LETS do something for PEACE and SOLIDARITY.

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